What Students Say

I am so happy with your lessons! I have never learned a language so quickly and so well.

—Heidi Scherer (Dutch student, Germany)

Thank you very much for the wonderful class tonight! I had been looking forward to it all day!

—Susanne Tremmel (Dutch student, Germany)

Dr. Knijff is a formidable teacher. His method of language acquisition has enabled me to learn vocabulary and new grammar with great ease and greater relaxation than I could have imagined. Moreover, his approach does not treat antiquity as a dead fossil, but he is capable of reviving it right in front of your eyes.
—Daniel (Latin student, Germany)

You are the most influential teacher I have ever had. I remember you telling me that Greek poetry was so much better than Latin and that's what sparked my interest in reading again!

—Brandon Ent (Latin student, USA)

You have not only awoken my interest in Latin, but also inspired me to read more, especially in foreign languages.
—Latin Student (Germany)

You awaken the curiosity in your students. That inspires me to engage all the more intensively with the readings. 
—Petra Kurz (Ancient Greek student, Germany)

I feel very lucky to have found a Latin course with such an engaged and excellent teacher!

—Barbara Curtis (Germany)

Thank you for introducing us to the Dutch language and for the wonderful readings. I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes. 

—Dagmar Eble (Germany)

Your teaching makes it possible to get a real feeling for the language from the get-go. I especially like how you engage with every participant and bring people together.

—Hans Kulmann (Dutch student, Germany)

Thank you so much for the fun Latin classes! I look forward to continuing with Familia Romana in fall.

—Johann Fuchs (Germany)

Thank you for your support in my quest to learn German! I especially appreciate your approach to language as a whole, and that you teach the big picture rather than focusing on smaller grammar issues and mistakes.
—Ondřej Kudláček (Germany)

Thank you very much for the interesting and pleasant Latin class. It was unusual, but a lot of fun.
--Sandra Keipke (Germany)